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Story & Photos by Kate Minnich Amish Heartland Writer / Designer Published: March 2, 2016 9:08 AM
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The sound of sizzling meat coupled with the warmth of the outdoors, brings a smile to many of our faces, but finding preferred cuts at decent prices can be hard to accomplish.

Sugar Valley Meats boasts four in-house butchers and stresses the freshness of their meat.

Making a name for themselves through superb customer service and the quality of products offered, Sugar Valley Meats offers the surrounding area a variety of meat for any outdoor or table setting.

Reuben’s parents operated a small butchering business out of their home where he learned about owning a business and butchering animals for distribution.

When Reuben’s parents closed their business, he decided to open his own shop on a slightly larger scale.

Once the surrounding community members realized the quality and convenience of Sugar Valley Meats, there was consistently a line out the front door.

Reuben acknowledged the need for more retail space and the benefit of having a larger work area through his decision to expand the store.

  After speaking to the next generation of Sugar Valley Meats owners, Reuben’s daughter Jen and her husband, it was decided that the expansion would see the business into the future.

  A majority of the meat sold is purchased through local auctions visited about twice a week.

Sugar Valley Meats is situated to dress and butcher the meat in-house where the meat is then processed or cut into various products.

In order to maintain a high level of cleanliness, Sugar Valley Meats retains a couple of inspectors who continuously monitor the condition of the meat as well as the tools and storage areas.

Walking into the store, a customer is met with several meat counters and coolers which house everything from ground beef to steak to sausages.

Still don’t see what you’re looking for?

Between the four resident butchers at least one is always onsite, ready to cut to order any piece of meat a customer could desire.

It is also possible to call into Sugar Valley Meats and order particular cuts to be set aside for your pick up.

Beyond the typical cuts of meat, Sugar Valley Meats also offers a line of processed meats such as sausages, bologna and snack sticks.

Made fresh onsite, all of the products are made by skilled employees.

The most recent addition is a Honey Barbecue snack stick.

New products such as this snack stick are crafted with popular flavor profiles in mind and tested before they reach the retail counters.

If a demand for the new product ensues, then the item is regularly stocked.

One of the smokers is an old fashioned type that requires the smoke from a wood fueled fire.

This smoker is usually used for items such as hams and bacon.

The second smoker is a commercialized product and mainly smokes the hot dogs, bologna and sausages.


When a side of beef is ordered, customers can dictate what sort of the cuts they would perfer  and how the product is packaged.

If a family of three wishes to have three steaks to a package for cooking convenience, Sugar Valley Meats will see the need met to the best of their ability.

Rather than shipping a prized hog to a slaughter house, Sugar Valley Meats offers an alternative method.

When the meat is butchered by Sugar Valley Meats, the owner can dictate what kind of cuts or product the meat is broken down into.

  Due to the high demand, any butchering needs have to be scheduled with Sugar Valley Meats at least four months in advance to ensure a space is reserved.

Weather as much as the holidays dictates what sort of meat can be found on the family table.

For Thanksgiving, Sugar Valley Meats offers smoked turkeys; this past year they sold between 800 and a 1000 turkeys.

Now that we are entering into warmer weather our thoughts begin to salivate over those barbecued steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages.

In fact, February 3 was so warm that Sugar Valley Meats had a stream of people visit their store in order to fire up their grill with the best choices in meat.

Constantly aware of the changing market choices, Sugar Valley Meats explores new spices and rubs while also maintaining the local favorites.

Whether you are looking for a particular cut of meat or a new spice, the employees at Sugar Valley Meats aim to please.

For more information on meat selection and ordering please call 330-852-4423 or visit sugarvalleymeats.


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